Investigating the Benefits of Anti Shatter SafetyFilm

Welcome to today’s blog post where we are discussing the benefits of anti shatter safety film. By the end of this post the positive aspects will be clear. You will leave with the confidence in moving forwards, protecting a workforce and the general public. 

Let’s begin with a definition;

dictionary definition

Anti shatter window film is an additional layer applied to existing glazing. Results provide a safer, more secure sheet of glass should a problem arise. If glazing does become broken or smashed the window film holds each fragment of glass between its layers helping to prevent any unnecessary injury.

Benefits of Anti Shatter Window Film

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Added Security: This is a huge factor adding an additional layer of security to unwanted intruders. Whilst a tool of choice for a burglar may be a sledge hammer, window film certainly makes the job much more difficult.

Accidental Collision: Heavy machinery, vehicles and people all have the potential of causing an accident. Certain types of glass are more prone to inducing injury. Anti shatter window film alleviates this problem. 

Energy Saving: It’s fantastic the amount of heat that’s kept within a building when using window film. During winter months a steady temperature is a necessity and with less heat being lost, energy bills are likely to reduce. 

Increased Productivity: When indoor temperatures are consistent a workforce remains comfortable. If employees are feeling this way they are more likely to be productive. Feeling too warm or too cold is highly distracting. 

Maintain Interiors: This feature is wonderful. Window film actually blocks out the majority of harmful UV light. When this is the largest factor attributed to fading interiors, there are more cost savings to enjoy. 

Bomb Blasts: Unfortunately this is an eventuality that must be mentioned. Whilst highly unlikely isn’t it better to be fully protected in the first instance? Specialist anti shatter window film has the ability in protecting people from glass in the event of a bomb blast. 

Are any further benefits included?

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Having read through the above we are confident every aspect of safety is covered. Protecting people within a building whether staff members or the general public is intrinsically paramount. Speak to us to learn how you can feel safer, today. 

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