24/7 protection against Vandalism, Theft, Forced-Entry Smash ‘n’ Grab Burglary and much more.

Filmtek offer you safety, security and peace of mind with the professional installation of our high-tensile strength security films for windows and building glass and glazing.

Glass is the weak point in your building security
Turn your weakest link into part of your defence

Windows and glass doors are the weakest part in a building’s structure and envelope with breaking glass to gain entry into your building primarily the first point of entry for potential burglars and intruders. For many of our client sectors within the financial/banking, high-street retail and shopping centres, pharmaceutical and Security /Risk/Loss Management teams the installation of high-tensile strength security window film has been the most financially viable and immediately effective solution to ensuring security levels are met or exceeded especially when combined with one of our anchoring systems, whilst keeping the required benefits of existing glazing and shop frontage and all without disruption to business or expense of re-glazing.

The installation of Filmtek Security Window Film offers you immediate benefits:
Filmtek’s high-tensile strength security window films are a proven and effective way to increase the security and safety of window and door glass and glazing. Constructed of thick, tough polyester, bonded to glazing by a strong adhesive layer, forming a tough barrier and used around the world by businesses, security and risk management teams as well as schools and many more. Security films are recommended by government agencies, security managers and security consultants, as an immediate, cost-effective and affordable way to improve your building security and make glass safe and secure.

Tested to meet:

  • EN 12600 Glass in Building Pendulum Test – Impact Test Method
  • EN356 Glass in Building Security Glazing – Testing and Classification of resistance against Manual Attack
  • GSA and ISO 16933 Explosion Range Test Standards

Filmtek Security window film immediately protects your business, home and building against forced-entry burglary and opportunistic break-ins, forming a strong protective layer on your glass, holding glass together rather that it breaking and enabling quick entry. With the addition of one of Filmtek’s edge-retention anchoring solutions, the film and anchoring combination will retain the broken glass to the adhesive layer of the film and anchor to the frame, reassuring you that you will be delaying an intruder, burglar and even ram raiders with their repeated attacks, from entry.

Whether you are a facilities manager, building owner, security, loss or risk manager, retailer or jewellery store owner, Filmtek has the right choice of window film to give you the look and level of protection you want and need. Filmtek’s security film specialists will assess your glass type and frames and make the correct recommendations to meet your security needs and requirements. We always propose proven and tested films designed to work with your glass and glazing system. In addition to our own Filmtek FT Series Window Films, we also offer films from the major manufacturers. All our films are professionally installed and warranted against adhesive failure, bubbling or peeling so your building will continue to look good and be safe and security for a long time.

In the event of vandalism, riot or forced-entry burglary, broken shards of glass can spread over a large area and the clean-up costs could be expensive. The use of Filmtek security film will also greatly reduce this, ensuring your business returns back to normal in the minimum of time.

Filmtek’s Glass Containment Window Security Film and Anchoring Systems for even further Enhanced Security and Protection
With Filmtek’s glass containment and anchoring systems, we can offer you advanced glazing safety and security immediately, assuring existing glazing is easily upgraded to provide enhanced protection 24/7. These cost-effective retrofit systems provide immediate protection safeguarding assets and limiting liability, reducing clear-up time and ensuring loss of business is kept to a minimum.

There is a Filmtek Anchoring Solution for all types of glazing structures, speak to us to find out more.


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