Window film – Enhancing Glass Performance
Wherever there is glass, there may be a requirement to protect…

Security in Hotels and Leisure facilities is a global priority and Filmtek with its Group of Companies has progressed projects for clients in this area worldwide.

The hospitality industry, serving both the business community and tourism, is an important component of a country’s infrastructure, playing an integral role in every modern society’s economy and through the very nature of its ‘open door/multi-national’ type of business is also frequently a prime target for terrorism.

With glass being the weakest part of a building structure, it is therefore the most vulnerable to breakage and shattering, not only in the event of a blast or attack, but also vandalism and riot and it is here that Filmtek has the expertise and knowledge in all manner of glass containment window film with or without the addition of anchoring.

Window film ensures clients in the hotel, restaurant, bars, pubs, clubs and others within the leisure industry have an immediate and cost-effective solution to problems they may have in relation to their building glass and glazing, such as:

Safety and Security

  • Window film upgrades the safety of your existing glazing in the event of accidental impact, ensuring your immediate compliance with health and safety and building regulations.
  • Window film increases your security, whilst retaining the benefits of glazing.
  • Window film provides protection in the event of a terrorist attack, bombings and accidental explosions.
  • Window film provides protection in the event of anti-social behaviour, attempted burglary and vandalism.
  • Window film in conjunction with Filmtek’s Anchoring will provide enhanced security and blast mitigation.
Solar Control, Energy Saving and Thermal Comfort
  • Window film reduces the heat and glare entering your building through glass.
  • Window film can reduce heat gain for comfort control and reduced energy use without losing visibility and light.
  • Low E and insulation window films reduce unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease the energy demands on heating and cooling systems.
  • We offer the benefit of an Energy Efficiency Report and Financial Analysis specific to your building, confirming energy efficiency, performance payback and long-term value.
  • Privacy, Decorative Branding and Manifestation Compliance/strong>
  • Window film provides increased privacy within a glazed environment.
  • Window film provides a quick and cost-effective solution to glazing graphics and manifestation compliance.
  • Protection and Containment of Glass in the event of unpredictable spontaneous glass fracture and failure
    Filmtek’s range of tried and tested high-tensile strength film and anchoring solutions will protect in the event of unpredictable spontaneous glass failure potentially due to nickel-sulphide inclusions within toughened glass or unseen edge damage in glass. A potential health and safety issue for all public sector clients, but one that can be solved and literally contained in place providing peace of mind and assurance that duty of care has been met 24/7. With a range of different film and anchoring solutions, we have a film and anchoring combination that will work for you and your glazing. Just give us a call to find out more.

    Window film can also provide you with combined safety, security and solar control, energy saving solutions. The installation of a combined film will provide you with more than one solution in just one application.

    Speaking to window film supply and installation specialists Filmtek, could prove to be the best solution of all.

    Filmtek are here to help
    If you would like more information regarding any of the above, or if you would like to discuss any specific requirements you may have, contact us and a member of our team will be only too pleased to help.

    Hotels, Restaurants and other Leisure facilities may also be interested to read The Crowded Places Guidance document which can be found on the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website at the following link:

    Click here  for the latest guidance to help businesses mitigate the risk of a terror attack and limit the damage an attack might cause, which confirms the following:

    “Remember that glazed doors are only as strong as their weakest point, which may be the glazing.
    Many injuries involving explosive devices are caused by flying glass. Glazing protection is an important casualty reduction measure. Extensive research has been carried out on the effects of blast on glass. There are technologies that minimise the shattering effect and therefore reduce the possibility of casualties. Anti-shatter film, which holds fragmented pieces of glass together, offers a relatively cheap and rapid improvement to existing glazing.”


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