Filmtek has worked with Local Authorities, schools and educational establishments for many years, not only to ensure that building architectural glass and glazing meets all the necessary and required Health and Safety, Building and other Regulations without disruption or disturbance to their everyday activities but also to ensure the safety of everybody attending or visiting.

Filmtek has been working in this market sector for many years, providing:

  • Glass and Glazing Risk Assessment Survey Audit to record all glazing and identify any areas of non-compliance in relation to Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations.
  • The supply and installation of Anti-Shatter Safety Film, applied to existing glazing as an immediate upgrade to ensure full compliance of H&S regulations.
  • The supply and installation of Manifestation graphics as required by Building Regulations ‘Manifestation of Glazing’.
  • The supply and installation of Solar Control and heat gain reduction window film to reduce heat through your glazing, increase thermal comfort and energy efficiency.
  • The supply and installation of window film to reduce heat loss in winter.
Let us help you to ensure your compliance with regards to health and safety, building and DDA regulations in terms of your glazing compliance. Contact us now to discuss this further.

Your steps to compliance must begin with ‘Recording the Risks’ within your building in relation to your glass and glazing and the activities carried out. It is from this very first stage that Filmtek are able to help. With our team of surveyors trained and knowledgeable not only in window film but also glass and glazing and all relevant health and safety, building, DDA and other regulations, we are able to carry out a risk assessment of your glazing to ascertain whether or not there is a risk of injury in accordance with recommendations. We will determine the type of glass and its safety rating within critical locations and to provide a detailed report of the survey and assessment undertaken with any recommendations necessary in order that all glazing identified as unsafe for its location will be upgraded. And that is the next step that Filmtek are able to help with.

  • The retrofit installation of a safety-grade window film such as Filmtek’s FT400 will ensure your immediate compliance with Regulation 14
  • The retrofit installation of Manifestation graphics, opaque or frosted films and rows of dots or squares from Filmtek will ensure your immediate compliance with Building Regulations approved document K ‘Manifestation of Glazing’.
  • The retrofit installation of solar control window film to providing ‘shading’ for windows will help to immediately reduce heat gain and provide thermal comfort.
  • The retrofit installation of solar control window film will also help you to reduce energy use and increase energy financial savings.
  • Take a look at our Heat gain reduction trial sheet to get the ‘low down’ on the immediate reduction in heat through glazing utilising an external solar control window film.

    Film will also provide you with an immediate cost-effective solution to other problems associated with building glass and glazing, including:
  • Increased Glazing Safety and Security
  • Increased Solar Control and Thermal Comfort
  • Privacy, Decorative Branding and Manifestation
  • Window film provides protection in the event of anti-social behaviour, attempted burglary and vandalism.
  • Window film also provides protection in the event of a vandalism, forced-entry burglary and terrorist attack, bombings or accidental explosions.

    Higher and Further Education establishments may also be interested to read The Crowded Places Guidance document which can be found on the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website at the following link:

    Click here which is the latest guidance to help businesses mitigate the risk of a terror attack and limit the damage an attack might cause, confirms the following:

    “Remember that glazed doors are only as strong as their weakest point, which may be the glazing.
    Many injuries involving explosive devices are caused by flying glass. Glazing protection is an important casualty reduction measure. Extensive research has been carried out on the effects of blast on glass. There are technologies that minimise the shattering effect and therefore reduce the possibility of casualties. Anti-shatter film, which holds fragmented pieces of glass together, offers a relatively cheap and rapid improvement to existing glazing.”

    Speaking to window film supply and installation experts, Filmtek, could prove to be the best solution of all. We are here to help.


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