Window Film Enhancing Glass performance
An immediately effective retrofit solution to security, risk and loss prevention problems associated with building glass and glazing.

Protecting People and Property – Assuring Business Continuity – Mitigating Risk and Loss

Filmtek works with many Security, Risk Control and Loss Prevention in-house and external support management teams, to help mitigate risk and keep their premises secure, thereby avoiding and limiting loss in the event of:

  • Forced-entry burglary and intruder attack
  • Terrorist explosives bomb attack
  • Vandalism and intentional attack
  • Unpredictable spontaneous glass failure and breakage
Working with many clients within both the private and public sectors, including government agencies and departments worldwide, banking and financial service providers, as well as commercial and retail property estates management teams, as part of their loss prevention and security strategies to minimise loss. Filmtek has been able to ensure enhanced security and blast mitigation whilst retaining existing building and entrance glazing, without the necessity, expense and disruption of re-glazing, with the retrofit application of Filmtek’s FT800 clear high-tensile strength window film and various edge-retention and ‘planar’ bolt type of anchoring systems, designed to fit all types of glazing systems and retain glass in the event of attack.

Designed to absorb the impact of attack or blast shockwave without deterioration, Filmtek has proven the effectiveness of this retrofit solution through both client and project specific testing as well as explosion blast mitigation testing to the highest of International Standards ISO 16933 Explosion-resistant security glazing test.

Immediately improve the vulnerability of your existing glazing
High tensile strength Clear Glass Containment Security Film with one of Filmtek’s Edge-Retention Anchoring solutions, could be your answer to the devastating effects of ‘smash and grab’ robbery and attack, designed to create a clear barrier, effectively delaying smash and grab and break-ins.

With your glass and glazing the weakest part of your building and the chosen point of entry for a would-be ‘smash and grab’ attack or forced-entry intruder attack, the retrofit installation of Filmtek’s security film to your existing glass and glazing could be the immediate and cost-effective answer you are looking for.

Filmtek’s high-tensile strength clear security film and anchoring system, applied to the internal surface of your glazing, is designed to flex and absorb the impact of sudden attack without degradation or tearing, helping to retain your glazing, in place thereby restricting entry through into your building whilst also ensuring a speedy clear up time and business continuity.

The installation of certain window films will also provide protection against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Many solar control window films are manufactured from the application of various metals onto a film surface. These metals provide the solar energy and visible light rejection desired of these products. In addition to solar and light energy rejection, the communication and/or radio frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum are also reduced or attenuated. These frequencies include all UHF and VHF TV broadcast channels, AM and FM radio, cell and cordless phones, satellite GPS navigation and communication frequencies. Several window films containing various amounts of gold, silver, copper and aluminium have been tested for their shielding effectiveness.
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We know that each site is different and each project potentially unique. We would therefore normally recommend an initial on-site inspection by one of our team of experts, in order to carry out an assessment and discuss possible product solutions in relation to requirements in order to ensure you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision as to your requirements.

If you would like to see our film and anchoring tests for enhanced security, blast mitigation and glass containment, request these through our contact page and we will get them over to you.

Window film can also provide you with combined Safety, Security, Solar Control and Energy Saving solutions, which might be of interest to your head of finance especially when we are able to provide you with a building specific Energy Efficiency Report and Financial Analysis.

Speaking to window film supply and installation specialists Filmtek could prove to be the best solution of all.

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