The majority of injuries from an explosion are caused by broken glass which, propelled by the force of the explosion shockwave become lethal shrapnel. Powerful shockwaves from a high velocity blast can reach a speed of 7,000m per second, turning your building glass and glazing into lethal dagger like flying shards. A danger to people, property, business continuity and life!


Glass and Blast effects are immediately mitigated with the cost-effective installation of Filmtek’s high-tensile strength window film enhanced with the addition of Filmtek’s Edge-Retention Anchoring.

In today’s world of architectural splendour, glass is very much taken for granted. However, with the threat of attack a very real and serious possibility throughout the world today, protecting people and assets, minimising damage, ensuring emergency preparedness and ultimately business continuity must be a matter of priority and retrofit blast mitigation high-tensile strength film applied to the inside of your existing glazing could be a cost-effective, speedier option to re-glazing, especially when compared to thick heavy glazing which also requires heavy duty framing.

The immediate upgrade of existing glazing, whether doors, windows, overhead glazing or internal partitioning, is achievable with the application of high-tensile strength glass containment film from Filmtek. A tried and tested product, proven to provide a high level of protection in the event of an explosion or blast attack. Designed to hold broken glass together, adhered to the film’s aggressive adhesive layer, reducing the devastating and injurious effects caused by flying shards of broken glass.

This high-tensile strength film will also stretch and absorb a large degree of the blast shockwave without tearing, helping to lessen the blast effect entering the building and transferring through to your building structure, reducing further internal devastation with internal glazing also vulnerable and just as hazardous and potentially lethal under such severe conditions.

Without the protection that could be immediately provided by the application of Filmtek’s high tensile strength film, fragments of glass could also become embedded in walls and furnishings, infiltrate air-conditioning systems and damage office equipment, all of which would add to the devastation and disruption caused, personally, commercially and financially.

You may also wish to consider the addition of edge-retention anchoring or perhaps discuss this as an additional option for areas deemed to be of a ‘higher risk’ where anchoring could prove to be vital.

Tested to meet:

  • EN 12600 Glass in Building Pendulum Test – Impact Test Method
  • EN356 Glass in Building Security Glazing – Testing and Classification of resistance against Manual Attack
  • GSA and ISO 16933 Explosion Range Test Standards
Filmtek Security window film immediately protects your business, home and building against forced-entry burglary and opportunistic break-ins, forming a strong protective layer on your glass, holding glass together rather that it breaking and enabling quick entry. With the addition of one of Filmtek’s edge-retention anchoring solutions, the film and anchoring combination will retain the broken glass to the adhesive layer of the film and anchor to the frame, reassuring you that you will be delaying an intruder, burglar and even ram raiders with their repeated attacks, from entry.

Whether you are a facilities manager, building owner, security, loss or risk manager, retailer or jewellery store owner, Filmtek has the right choice of window film to give you the look and level of protection you want and need. Filmtek’s security film specialists will assess your glass type and frames and make the correct recommendations to meet your security needs and requirements. We always propose proven and tested films designed to work with your glass and glazing system. In addition to our own Filmtek FT Series Window Films, we also offer films from the major manufacturers. All our films are professionally installed and warranted against adhesive failure, bubbling or peeling so your building will continue to look good and be safe and security for a long time.

In the event of vandalism, riot or forced-entry burglary, broken shards of glass can spread over a large area and the clean-up costs could be expensive. The use of Filmtek security film will also greatly reduce this, ensuring your business returns back to normal in the minimum of time.

Filmtek’s Glass Containment Window Security Film and Anchoring Systems for even further Enhanced Security and Protection
With Filmtek’s glass containment and anchoring systems, we can offer you advanced glazing safety and security immediately, assuring existing glazing is easily upgraded to provide enhanced protection 24/7. These cost-effective retrofit systems provide immediate protection safeguarding assets and limiting liability, reducing clear-up time and ensuring loss of business is kept to a minimum.

There is a Filmtek Anchoring Solution for all types of glazing structures, speak to us to find out more.

Filmtek’s Glass and Blast Mitigation Window Film and Anchoring Systems for enhanced Security and Protection. Helping to Save Lives, Reduce Injury and Protect your property, people and business.
The advantages of high-tensile strength films are further increased when used in conjunction with our edge-retention anchoring. Even in the event of a bomb blast. With the addition of Filmtek’s retrofit anchoring when installed with the FT800 or other high-tensile strength films, we can offer you advanced glazing safety and security immediately, assuring existing glazing is easily upgraded to provide enhanced security and protection 24/7, not only in the event of a bomb blast or other explosion, but also forced-entry burglary or violet attack and such natural disasters as high-speed winds and hurricane, providing an all important anchor.
Filmtek Flexible Edge-Retention Anchoring Profile
Filmtek’s range of Flexible Edge-Retention Anchoring profiles available in a range of profile widths, ideal for adapting to virtually any type of window frame profile with its VHB tape for a bonded anchor system of glass, film and frame.
Filmtek Rigid Edge-Retention Anchoring Profile
Designed to match the finish of metal framed windows and doors, Filmtek Rigid Edge-Retention Anchoring profile is available in a range of different profiles which can also be custom made to suit both in terms of profile and colour to blend discreetly with the design of existing window and door frames. Can be utilised with a VHB tape for a bonded system or as a mechanical fix to the existing frame.
Filmtek Bolted Anchoring
Filmtek’s Bolted Anchor ‘Washer’ System, designed and tested for use with ‘planar’ type glazing systems to absorb impact and blast shockwave without deterioration to once again ‘anchor’ the glass, film and bolted anchor in place as a complete solution.

The above film and anchor solutions range have been tested and proven to meet the requirements of GSA USA standards with both the Flexible and Rigid Film and Anchoring combinations having been tested to the highest of international standards ISO 16933 Glass in Building – Explosion Resistant Security Glazing.

Comprehensive data and test reports available on request. (click here to request more info)

Combined Blast Mitigation and Increased Protection with Solar Control and Energy Saving
When combined with additional solar-control properties, the FT Series will also offer you reduced heat gain and glare alongside the protection offered in terms of safety, security and blast mitigation.


The key to quick recovery is business continuity and emergency preparedness planning. If you do not have one, consider developing one and remember window film application has proven to save lives.

To discuss your project requirements, without obligation, please contact us and a member of our experienced team will help you further or to find out more about our tried and tested Glass Protection Window Film and Anchoring Systems.

Filmtek, window film and anchoring supply and installation specialists, are the people to contact if you need an immediate solution to problems associated with your building glass and glazing.


Additional professional services available from glass protection window film and anchoring specialists Filmtek include:

  • Peel adhesion testing, a test that confirms the continued adhesion effectiveness of Aged Polyester Window Film.
  • Effectiveness testing for existing ASF against a specific risk from explosion if required.
  • Lifetime testing, where an assessment of the remaining useful life of an ASF is required.


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