Wherever there is glass, there may be a requirement to protect..

Window film supply and installation specialists Filmtek, work with many contractors and refurbishment fit-out specialists, providing an immediate and cost-effective solution to problems associated with building glass and glazing.

Solar Control

  • Window film reduces the heat entering a building through glass providing a more comfortable working environment and potentially increased productivity.
  • Window film reduces glare without the need for blinds which increase heat, require cleaning and also stop light transmission and the view through your glazing.
  • Window film provides heat gain reduction for comfort control and reduced energy use.
  • Window film reduces energy use with subsequent financial savings.
  • Window film can also enhance building aesthetics.
Safety and Security
  • Window film increases the safety of your existing glazing in the event of accidental impact, ensuring your compliance with Building and H&S Regulations.
  • Window film increases your security, whilst retaining the benefits of glazing.
  • Window film provides protection in the event of anti-social behaviour, attempted burglary and vandalism.
  • Window film can also enhance building aesthetics.
  • Window film in conjunction with anchoring will provide enhanced security and blast mitigation.
  • Window film in conjunction with anchoring will ensure glass containment in the event of unexpected or spontaneous glazing failure, especially overhead glazing or glazing at height.
  • Privacy, Decorative, Branding and Manifestation Compliance
  • Window film provides increased privacy within a glazed environment.
  • Window film provides a quick and cost-effective solution to glazing graphics and manifestation compliance.
  • Thermal Insulation and Thermal Comfort
  • Low E and Insulation Window films reduce unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease the energy demands of heating and cooling systems.
  • We can also provide you with an idea of how much thermal comfort will be improved with the installation of window film.
  • Window film can also provide you with combined Safety, Security, Solar Control and Energy Saving solutions. The installation of a combined film will provide you with more than one solution, in just one application.

    Speaking to window film supply and installation specialists Filmtek could prove to be the best solution of all.
    Choosing the right window film for the job, to meet or even exceed your requirements and expectations, whilst also taking into account your existing glass and glazing system and any potential film to glass compatibility or access issues there may be, you can be reassured that Filmtek’s team of experts with their extensive knowledge in all areas of product and materials, glass and glazing systems, workplace health and safety, quality, environmental and project management requirements, will provide you with assured product quality installed by our team of highly experienced installation and project management teams.

    Additional skills and services provided by Filmtek’s team include:
  • Health and Safety Regulation 14 glazing risk assessment compliance audit and report.
  • Peel testing of Aged film to confirm the continued effectiveness of existing film.
  • Building specific Energy saving analysis reports.
  • Building specific Thermal compatibility analysis checks.
  • From enquiry to completion – Filmtek offer the complete solution. From initial survey and risk assessment, through to installation works and aftercare if required.

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