Window Film Enhancing Glass performance
Protection of People and Property in the event of piracy attack or high winds flying debris for Oil, LNG Tankers and Drilling Platforms as well as enhanced security and protection of office building glass and glazing

Filmtek works with major clients from within the oil and LPG industry, providing enhanced protection as part of ‘Best Management Practices’ against Piracy with the application of high-tensile strength multi-ply film to existing glazing within the bridge area and staff quarters of tanker fleets and enhanced security and blast mitigation protection for office building glass and glazing.

Filmtek has carried out installation projects for clients both off-shore and in dry dock. Working closely with both head office client management teams and on-board vessel Masters to ensure the logistics of material and installation team members arrival, whether offshore or in dry dock, are carried out and works progressed without disruption to vessel movement, adapting where necessary to ensure the very best of communication and project management result in an effective installation even when working around rigid fleet movement schedules.

With industry organisations having contributed to and provided their support for the document ‘Best Management Practice for Protection against Piracy” a guideline document that is also supported by NATO Shipping Centre (relating to Somalia and Gulf of Guinea based piracy), with suggested planning and operational practices for Ship Operators, and Masters of Ships transiting the high risk area, which states that “while most bridge windows are laminated, further protection against flying glass can be provided by the application of security glass film, often called security or blast-resistant film” as part of ‘Ship Protection measures’ and which also states that “it has been proven that the use of Ship Protection Measures significantly increases the prospects of a ship resisting a pirate attack”

An installation of Filmtek’s high-tensile strength film not only protects and enhances protection from possible blast damage and terror or piracy attacks, but will also protect your staff/crew from possible injury from impact or collision from flying debris in the event of a storm or high winds, in fact protection and retaining glazing safely in place.

Professionally installed by highly skilled and trained technicians, high-tensile strength film safety and security window film is an immediate and cost-effective solution in reinforcing glazing against attack. It is also an immediate provider of enhanced protection from glass breakage due to off shore high winds and wind-borne debris for drilling platforms and offshore rigs.

Designed to stretch and absorb the impact and dissipate any impact shockwave without tearing thereby reducing the dangers posed by broken glass and other flying debris. Broken glass is retained by the aggressive adhesive layer of the film and the addition of edge-retention anchoring will ensure the glazing remains in place until it can be removed, replaced and refilmed.

As window film protection and glass containment specialists, Filmtek has carried out many client specific and international standard testing in relation to blast, intruder attack and glass containment.

The latest tests carried out have proven the effectiveness of clear high-tensile strength multi-ply window film applied to the rear face of Maritime Glass in a series of ballistics trials to assess the potential for use in upgrading ships glass to counter the effect of ballistic and piracy attack, which proved to be very successful.

Wherever there is glass, there may be a requirement to protect.. even if an offshore rig or oil and LPG vessel tanker.
Protecting People and Property

Speaking to window film supply and installation specialists Filmtek could prove to be the best solution of all.

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