Filmtek specialise in the specification, supply and installation of high-quality glass protection window film products to immediately enhance and upgrade your existing building architectural flat glass and glazing as an immediately effective solution to problems that may exist with regards to the safety and strength of your glazing which can be fragile and break easily and when it does break, can be extremely dangerous.

Therefore, the installation of our range of films will provide you with an immediate upgrade and reassurance that your building glass and glazing meets regulations will provide protection and containment in the event of accidental or intentional damage and breakage and especially in the event of unpredictable and spontaneous glass failure something that nobody can predict. Furthermore the installation of window film can save lives, reputations, business continuity and enhance your glazing to reduce your energy use, increase thermal comfort within your building and enable you to increase your building and business sustainability.

With a team of experts who have been part of the window film and associated industries for more than 30 years, we are well placed to advise and provide the best, most cost-effective and immediate solution for problems you may be experiencing with your building’s glass and glazing, such as safety, security, heat and glare, compliance  with regulations and standards and all without disruption to your business and the workings of your building and perhaps most importantly, without the expense and disruption of re-glazing.

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, Filmtek has been at the forefront of the development and testing of high-tensile strength film and anchoring from the outset, with an initial request for a solution to protect against forced-entry burglary through shopfront entrance doors for a major high-street retailer, which became the first of the Filmtek range of film and anchoring systems which was shortly afterwards followed by their ‘planar’ type bolted anchoring system, both of which were also tested and proven to provide protection in the event of a bomb blast. The Filmtek range of film and anchoring solutions was further developed and in 2005 the additions of the Flexible profile range and the rigid profile range were tested and launched.

Having worked globally across both public and private sectors including architects, specifiers and engineers, finance and banking, airports and transportation hubs, education and healthcare, oil and petroleum, retail and leisure, property and construction, law enforcement, security and facilities management as well as high-profile, highly sensitive government departments requiring high-security – we are well placed to provide you, your business and your building and to reassure you of providing in fact any company or business working out of a building that has glass!

Filmtek has been providing these products and services to clients globally with our global head office in the UK and overseas office in Dubai that covers the MENA, Asia and Pacific regions through our wholly owned subsidiary Pentagon Filmtek FZE completing our global project capability offering.

Our increasing range of technically advanced, innovative window films and state of the art glass film and anchoring systems enables us to be perfectly situated to help and solve your requirements.

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