Building Glass and Glazing assures us of a light and airy environment with which to live and work, however, it also take away any element of privacy!

A popular use of window film is to provide privacy for your office, partitioning, building or home, by obscuring or blocking the view through your windows and glass. Not only is window film an effective way to provide privacy, it is also a cost-effective and non-disruptive way to achieve it when compare to many of the alternatives.

Window film provides many options for achieving your privacy goals, offering you the flexibility to tailor your privacy solution to your exact needs and objectives.

As the name suggests, privacy window film is considered such when it is used to restrict and control vision through and into a space or room. Privacy films are often used to protect sensitive areas or simply to provide a degree of privacy for meeting rooms etc., whilst still providing a degree of light and view.

Privacy window films range from opaque blackout / whiteout films that block out the view, to a variety of frosted window films or reflective sun control films that provide daylight privacy. Deciding which film is right for your requirements depends on the level of privacy you need and how you want it to look.

It should be noted that there is a common misconception that highly-reflective or dark window films can provide privacy both day and night, however this is not the case. Reflective and dark window films will provide privacy only under certain lighting conditions. When a highly reflective film is applied to a piece of glass, it makes it difficult or impossible to see from the side where the amount of light is greater through to the side with the least amount of light which means that although during the daytime, the effect would be to provide privacy looking from outside to inside. However, at night when it is dark outside and lights are on inside the building it has the reverse effect.

Frosted Window Film
For all round privacy and for those situations when you want to hide an unsightly view, frosted window film makes an excellent choice. Available in the standard frost, alongside a variety of different patterns and designs, frosted type window film is often the ideal solution to achieving privacy. The big advantage of frosted window films is that they offer privacy day and night, regarding of the lighting situation. For decorative purposes, you can opt to cover an entire window or we can computer-cut the film into various designs and patterns.

Frosted window films are often used within office for decorative purposes as well as privacy.

With many different privacy options, it is important to discuss your requirements and expectations and for us to evaluate your specific requirements and recommend the right solution. If you have any privacy requirements, please contact us or give us a call.


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