Glazing Safety Film: Improved Safety 24/7

Here at Filmtek our expert team specialise in Anti Shatter Safety Film. Utilising our glazing safety film reduces potential injuries from shattered glass. It also fully complies with all relevant Health and Safety Regulations. To discuss how anti shatter safety film will benefit you, your employees and visitors, speak to our knowledgeable team today. All glazing safety film is FT Series Safety Grade Approved.

  • Anti shatter safety film has a  minimum thickness of 4mil (100 micron). You can choose a clear glazing safety window film or one with solar control properties.
  • Our products provide an extra protective anti shatter layer that will bond aggressively to existing glazing.
  • Glazing safety film reduces and protects against lethal shards and glass fragmentation upon impact with glass remaining firmly in between protective layers.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (otherwise known as ROSPA) confirms how unfortunately, each year, there are child fatalities as a result of accidents involving architectural glass. ROSPA recommends ‘make existing glass safer by applying shatter resistant film’ and this is where we can help.

Anti Shatter Film Benefits

Anti shatter safety glass holds many benefits and whilst safety is the most advantageous, here are some additional positive features:

  • Reduces the risk of breaking and entering
  • Provides optimum security without ruining any aesthetics
  • Glazing safety film protects against the sun’s harmful rays
  • Protects glazing from accidental knocks and cracks
  • Provides additional peace of mind

Added protection equals added confidence.

Glazing Safety Regulation 14: What it Means to You

Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations requires glazing to be composed of a safety material or protected against breakage accordingly.

  • It is the employers responsibility to ensure all aspects of the Health and Safety at Work Act are met responsibly.
  • Those managing non-domestic premises have a duty of care towards individuals using or visiting the building.
  • Building owners, facility and property/estates managers, health and safety managers and landlords must all take responsibility in line with regulations.

Upon contacting Filmtek our expert team will arrange a suitable to carry out a glazing risk assessment and audit within your building. During this assessment, compliance with health and safety and building and DDA regulations are confirmed. In addition we will identify potential areas to upgrade. Once completed and work has been carried out regarding anti shatter window film you will have an updatable record. This record covers risk, forming part of an overall health and safety, threat and vulnerability, emergency response, business continuity risk assessment for your building and business.

Is your Glazing Compliant?

It’s intrinsic to know and understand your responsibilities as an employer or building owner. If you’re in charge of a space either filled with people or where individuals pass through, you MUST consider the following:

  • Initiate a full glazing audit & survey identifying glass types and safety ratings in critical locations. You will not have the information required in determining injury risk.
  • Obtain a detailed report of work to be undertaken ensuring all glazing identified as unsafe for its location is upgraded.
  • Act upon areas of non-compliance and instigate a monitoring programme to identify new risks.
  • Regularly review the situation.

Filmtek has been called upon to carry out Glazing Survey Risk Assessment Compliance Audits and upgrade works for Schools and Universities, Facilities and Property/Building Management teams, Hotels and Leisure, Hospitals and more. Discuss your options today.


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