Filmtek provides a complete glass management solution  including Solar Control Window Films. Once installed, our heat reduction window film offers an immediate solution to heat from a blazing sunshine. The wonderful thing about this product surrounds heat control. Throughout the warmer months, employees, clients and visitors will feel comfortable in the temperature. Exactly the same applies to winter. Contact us today for more details.

Heat Reduction Window Film is a Great Solution

If you haven’t considered solar control window films, perhaps now is the time. At Filmtek we will provide you or your Financial Director with an analysis of  potential savings. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits that come with heat reduction window film:

  • Heat and Hot Spots are reduced across your Building
  • Air-conditioning is required to be used less. This adds to financial savings as you’re using less energy
  • Glare and eye-strain reduces dramatically when working with computer screens
  • Reduce energy loss in winter
  • Increase thermal comfort keeping staff and visitors happy
  • Ensure increased all year found comfort control

By carrying out a glazing assessment we will provide projected figures for energy savings, all of which are achievable by using the correct solar control window films. In addition to the fantastic money saving aspects, employee productivity is likely to increase due to a more comfortable working environment.

Solar Control Window Films Impact Energy Consumption

Windows heavily impact energy consumption. Old and cracked glazing often sees the escape of heat rapidly. Whilst warmth gets away, energy prices increase and here we have a solution. Filmtek’s FT Series Solar Control Window Films offers a cost-effective alternative to pricey window replacement.

Applied directly to existing glazing, our solar control window film range for reduced heat, glare and energy use includes the popular, traditional silver reflective ‘mirror’ type films. You will find varying levels of tint and shade through to the very latest, almost clear, heat reducing films. The latter not only ensures heat reduction and energy savings it also allows for the continuance of natural light transmission whilst providing a clear view.
Make sure your building is much more energy efficient whilst holding a comfortable temperature all year round with solar control window film, here at Filmtek.

Heat Reduction Window Film Immediate Benefits

  • Reduces solar overheating, heat gain and carbon emissions
  • Reduces cooling costs
  • Improves thermal comfort resulting in continued employee concentration and productivity. Screen glare declines rapidly
  • Offers privacy
  • Reduces UV radiation and fading inside buildings
  • Provides electromagnetic shielding
  • Improves the visual appearance of a building
  • Solar control window films are cost-effective and non-disruptive
  • Exterior film options are also available if required
  • Heat reduction films combine thermal comfort with energy efficiency

At Filmtek we believe that retrofit window film has a significant role to play in the increase of energy efficiency and the reduction of global warming. As window film specialists with an understanding of everything glass, we provide you with expert guidance and assistance ensuring the correct products are recommended. Our team will meet your requirements from assessment right the way through to installation. Choose Filmtek for heat reduction window film.

If you are responsible for your business premises and climate change/energy consumption your business is within the criteria of the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme), you might be interested to know that Filmtek can also provide an Energy Efficiency and Financial Analysis Report to quantify the savings that could be generated with the installation of window films with additional support material as follows:

  • Fenestration energy analysis form
  • Thermal Comfort input form
  • Thermal Comfort Report
  • Energy Efficiency and Financial Analysis Reports

Thermal Comfort by a Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive states thermal comfort is important and by managing this element individuals are more likely to improve morale and productivity as well as aspects of health and safety. People working in uncomfortably hot and cold environments tend to  behave unsafely as their ability to make decisions and/or perform manual tasks deteriorates.

The HSE also states that radiant heat effects of the sun on indoor environments can be addressed by the use of blinds or shutters on windows. A far simpler and effective solution however is the installation of solar control window film. Whilst blinds and shutters are effective to a point they do help towards an increase in heat gain.

For increased protection and solar control, the benefits of solar control window film with its heat and glare reducing properties can also be combined to include the benefits of anti-shatter film protection.

If you would like an energy survey and analysis of your building, or for more details of our complete range of solar control films please contact us.


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