Filmtek has been called upon by several major banking corporations and high-street financial service providers globally, to provide enhanced security and blast mitigation utilising their high-tensile strength window film and anchoring solutions for an immediate upgrade to existing building glass and glazing.

With glass potentially the weakest link in the event of forced-entry and intruder attack or blast, Filmtek has been able to ensure an immediate and cost-effective solution to provide increased protection against loss and risk with their range of clear high-tensile strength window film and anchoring systems.

As part of security and asset management upgrades, Filmtek has been providing a very necessary addition to their client security portfolio to provide increased protection 24/7.

Working closely with client security and asset management teams, alongside branch personnel, Filmtek are able to progress installation and project management working out-of-hours when necessary and when in-hours, with the minimum of disruption to the continuance of client business. Providing increased security and protection in the event of potential forced-entry attack is just part of the produce and services provided by Filmtek to their banking and financial service provider clients globally.

Assuring clients of proven protection has always been at the heart of Filmtek’s tried and tested philosophy.

Edge-retention anchoring could prove to be a vital link in your building’s security armour.

Also working closely with industry specialists has enabled Filmtek to be involved in the development and testing of edge-retention anchoring systems, a vital combination of high-tensile strength film and various edge-retention anchoring product to provide an all important anchor between film, glass and glazing system whether framed or bolted planar system, Filmtek has an anchor solution for all.

Providing client and project specific testing has proven and assured the effectiveness of film and anchoring as protection and security against intruder attack, ram raiding, riot and blast.

To see our test reports and accompanying videos, simply give us a call or contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Window film can also offer the immediate benefit of:
Solar heat gain reduction and increased thermal comfort properties combined with the benefits of strength against attack and glass breakage and energy and financial savings
Combined benefits of high-tensile strength film with privacy and manifestation graphics

The skills and services of Filmtek also include:

  • Health and safety glazing audit and report
  • Glazing risk assessment
  • Peel testing to confirm the continued effectiveness of existing film
  • Energy saving analysis reports
  • Thermal compatibility analysis checks
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