Window Film – Enhancing Glass Performance
An immediately effective retrofit solution to problems associated with architectural building glass and glazing

The Filmtek team are here to help. Whether you require product recommendation and information, alongside support performance and test results data or project specific samples, simply check the download possibilities below, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

We can also, of course, provide you with our full supply and installation projected costings, but we are here to help with the complete process.

  • Comprehensive product information
  • Product installation methodology
  • Knowledgeable support and response teams
  • Expert project management team and reporting procedures
  • Quick response to queries
Our products and services also help ensure your clients are fully compliant with many health and safety, building and other regulations and standards related to glass and glazing, such as;

  • Protection against impact with glazing and marking to show conformity
  • Manifestation of glazing
  • Protection against unpredictable spontaneous glass failure
  • Overhead glazing safety and containment
  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 14 Glazing Risk Assessments
Tried and tested proven protection
Working closely with industry specialists has also enabled Filmtek to have been involved in the development and testing of edge-retention anchoring profiles and planar type bolted anchors, which when combined with high-tensile strength window film, ensure enhanced security, blast mitigation and containment benefits with both client and project specific testing proving the immediate effectiveness of the system and a solution to the project and client specific problem.

Client specific tests have included the effectiveness of glass containment window film and anchoring to provide health and safety and peace of mind against the effects of unpredictable spontaneous glass fracture which have proven to be very effective and reassuring especially when applied to overhead glazing or glazing at height, holding any fractured glass panels in place until such time as they can be replaced. We have also tested the benefits of our film and anchoring solutions in the event of riot or intruder attack, with great success. Ask to see our test reports and videos.

The latest tests we have carried out have proven the effectiveness of glass containment film and anchoring in ballistics testing related to maritime protection against piracy attack and blast testing of high-tensile strength film with an overlap and butt join, both of which tested with very good results.

The skills and services of Filmtek’s team also include:
  • Full glazing audit and report
  • Glazing risk assessment
  • Regulation 14 compliance glazing surveys
  • Peel tests to confirm the continued effectiveness of existing film
  • Energy and financial savings analysis reports
  • Thermal compatibility analysis checks
  • Where there is glass, there may be a requirement to protect…

    Window film offers immediate benefits:
  • Increased safety and security – saving lives and assuring business continuity
  • Solar heat gain, glare and heat loss management and energy saving
  • Manifestation, decorative and privacy films
  • UV fade protection
  • Combined safety/solar properties
  • Heat reduction film for thermal comfort and reduced energy use whilst retaining visibility and light
  • Window film with the addition of anchoring offers enhanced protection benefits:
  • Blast mitigation, forced-entry and intruder attack protection
  • Protection against unforeseen spontaneous glass failure
  • Increased overhead glazing and glazing at height safety and containment
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