Keeping Business Premises Secure During COVID-19

Without doubt, owning a business in 2020 means being prepared for the challenges that come with lockdown. COVID-19 has changed the world irrevocably, potentially suggesting that going back to ‘the old way’ of doing things is unlikely. Whilst you might be getting used to working from home, have you taken enough time to ensure your workplace is secure during lockdown?

While many people are adhering to lockdown, criminal elements are using the freedom of the streets to push forward with illegal actions. This could lead to break-ins, loss of property, and damage to equipment. To avoid this extensive and harrowing issue, we recommend investing in the best possible security solutions. Why, though? What’s the main reasons for making sure you utilise solutions such as glass protection security film from Filmtek?

Why is investing time and funds into this kind of anti-theft solution likely to yield results, both during lockdown and then afterwards? What kind of results could you expect to come from making this decision?

Reduce business losses over time

One thing that might worry you during COVID-19 is coming back to a business that has lost not only vital time, but equally important business property. By using a glass protection solution, your business is likely to incur minimal losses.

Such reinforced material puts people off trying to break in and so long as you are vigilant, this should stop all but the most ambitious of theft acts taking place on company property.

Keep people safe from debris

Should a break-in take place, glass can spread far and wide becoming a major hazard. If this is a concern, glass security protection film will contain the majority of a breakage. Results ensure the complete safety of employees and visitors to the premises. 

Enjoy 24/7 security

While CCTV is useful in making sure you catch a perpetrator in action, it won’t necessarily stop them from trying to break in. Our total glass protection is a solution that, once in place, will keep doing the job it’s supposed to.

Make a wise choice and prepare for any eventuality. Security window film gives total peace of mind that premises are protected all day long. Should anyone attempt to break in, damage and theft will be minimal. Avoid returning to a disaster after lockdown ends. 

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