Make Savings with Solar Control Window Film

At Filmtek our team fully understands the benefits attached to complete glass management solutions. Specialising in anti-shatter safety film we also acknowledge the dedicated advantages of temperature control. With this in mind we have collated just some positive aspects attached to solar controlled window film.

Feel comfortable all year round;

The beauty of solar window film is the fact that it controls the temperature indoors. This dual action solution lessens the glare from the sun in the warmer months. Heat is reduced by actually blocking the infrared light. Working extremely well on double and triple glazing, solar window film stops any heat from becoming trapped within panes. When it comes to winter, films act as insulation, preventing heat loss. 

Money Saving Benefit: Heating bills will be reduced.   

Glare isn’t a worry;

Solar control window film tackles glare by reducing the amount of visible light that can enter a space. It works similarly to when we wear sunglasses. If you’re hoping to reduce glare due to screen use, a tinted film will achieve this perfectly. 

Money Saving Benefit: Workplace productivity increases. 

Offer privacy;

For some buildings a certain level of privacy is necessary or even preferred. A solar reflective style of window film offers a mirror finish when looking from the outside. For those sitting within the building, the view doesn’t alter, remaining transparent. 

Money Saving Benefit: Privacy through solar control window film is an added bonus. When used you’re still gaining the benefits as listed above. 

UV protection all year round;

The effects of UV rays include discolouring of furniture, walls and floor coverings. Solar control window film blocks these harmful rays up to 99%. This solution is fantastic for museums, retail spaces and much more. 

Money Saving Benefit: Walls and furnishings will not be affected by UV light meaning they won’t need to be replaced.   

Solar window film can be added to a multitude of windows including glass roofs, french doors and any smooth glass surface. Scratch resistant, when looked after, film will last accordingly. 

Solar control window film not only saves money it offers privacy, anti glare and will keep items within a building from fading.

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